5 reasons no one’s reading your blog posts

Today, good enough isn’t. Not when millions of posts are published daily. Not when today’s average post is 1,054 words; requiring anywhere from three hours to an entire day to write. Right. Like you’ve got that kinda time. And yet, you still need results. You can’t afford to grok around in the dark, looking for the light switch …

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Don’t invest in content unless you can be #1 – here’s why

This ain’t 2005. This ain’t “everyone should be blogging.” This ain’t “but blogging is free!” Overall, the content space is still pretty immature. Not as professional or organized or cut-throat competitive as SEO or Google Ads. But that doesn’t mean it’s getting any easier, either. ‘Cause it ain’t. In fact, it’s rapidly doing the opposite, …

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3 social strategies every B2B marketer should memorize ASAP

Everything works online. SEO works. Ads work. And even social works. The extent to which each works, however, depends on the execution. And that’s where most B2B brands go wrong with social. They continue copying, rehashing, and half-assing the same ol’, same ol’. All while receiving the predictable mediocre, uninspiring results to show for it. …

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Get 2x the results with 1/2 the content – here’s how

SERPs have become a zero-sum game in the last decade. To win, others must lose. The rich get richer and the losers get zilch. So being the best is the only viable, defensible long-term strategy. The trick is that you can’t stop. Production doesn’t drop. You just focus it on the places where it’s most …

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How to hack your way to the top of competitive SERPs

Most SEOs face a Catch-22. Your job is tough. Results take months or even years to bear fruit. The end goal – traffic, leads, customers – are lagging indicators. Which means clients and bosses will need to be patient. You need time to identify opportunity gaps and execute. The problem? Clients and bosses aren’t patient. …

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7 tips to instantly improve skyscraper content

Skyscraper content is ubiquitous. Every vertical imaginable is hitting publish on a brand-spanking new, shiny 10k+ word guide. Some marketers absolutely love the idea of publishing long-form content. Google (sometimes) ranks these posts well (not always). And users? Trying to read that drivel? And then download/opt-in/buy? Forget it. Most of these skyscrapers are chock-full of …

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5 promoted content lessons from spending $4,008.13 in 4 weeks

We don’t just talk about marketing. We do it.

Our content marketing agency produces over 300+ articles/month. We research, plan, and produce high-quality content that drives backlinks, authority, and conversions for the web’s biggest brands.

In the past few weeks, we spent $4,008.13 on content promotion, testing how our new custom image and video services significantly improve content performance.

promoted content content performance

The goal was to put our money where our mouth is and prove that better content not only drives more traffic and leads, but also can decrease promotional costs, too.

I’m going to show you countless ways to bring down costs and increase performance in this post.

But first, you’re going to discover why we’re talking about promoted content in the first place, instead of other ‘free’ organic alternatives.

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