5 promoted content lessons from spending $4,008.13 in 4 weeks

We don’t just talk about marketing. We do it.

Our content marketing agency produces over 300+ articles/month. We research, plan, and produce high-quality content that drives backlinks, authority, and conversions for the web’s biggest brands.

In the past few weeks, we spent $4,008.13 on content promotion, testing how our new custom image and video services significantly improve content performance.

promoted content content performance

The goal was to put our money where our mouth is and prove that better content not only drives more traffic and leads, but also can decrease promotional costs, too.

I’m going to show you countless ways to bring down costs and increase performance in this post.

But first, you’re going to discover why we’re talking about promoted content in the first place, instead of other ‘free’ organic alternatives.

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Case study: 5 steps to create a killer content marketing strategy

The most popular content on the internet typically has no commercial slant. And that presents a Catch-22 for SEOs or inbound marketers. Somehow, someway, a company needs to connect their content back to the underlying purpose and philosophy that guides their business. Otherwise, content marketing doesn’t make sense. And it won’t return on the investment. …

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4 ways to use Google Analytics to find content ideas

Data is pivotal in all marketing campaigns. Companies that leverage data are able to better understand their customers. Data-driven marketing results in greater customer loyalty, customer engagement, and increases in the number of customers. However, we mostly use data to inform SEO, PPC, or social campaigns. These areas of marketing are clearly data-driven. But, there’s …

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How content marketing has evolved

Newer is better. Right? It takes just one look at the Apple product lineup to confirm that companies are constantly trying to out-innovate each other. It’s only a matter of time until you’re using the iPhone 32 for teleportation. But there’s something to be said for the tried-and-true. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, …

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7 killer ways to repurpose blog content [cheat sheet]

Valuable content gets traffic. And original content converts customers.

Only problem?

It’s a nightmare to create. Coming up with new material on a daily basis can feel impossible.  And it often takes a half to a full workday for just a single blog post.

But there’s hope.

You can bring in more traffic, and convert more leads by simply repurposing content for your existing original blog content. It’s one of the easiest ways to boost the results of your marketing.

Here are 7 killer ways to repurpose content and create new types of content to get more customers.

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This blog post has no keywords. here’s why.

This blog post has no keywords. One reason is ’cause I’m lazy. (Seriously. F-keyword research.) But the other is because keywords don’t always matter. At least, not at first. Not until you’ve earned the right to chase the big ones. Otherwise, the opportunity cost is too great. Here’s how you should flip the script, focusing …

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30 BuzzFeed headline tips you need to see to believe

BuzzFeed is a joke Ridiculed far and wide. But the savviest copywriters know that’s far from the truth. They know BuzzFeed writers are alchemists. Able to make something out of nothing. They possess an exceptional ability to use mystery, shock, intrigue and humor to get you to click… even when you know exactly what’s in …

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